Every time I go on a school trip it’s the same. The day usually starts good, I sit with my so called ”friends” in the train and we sit together in the orchestra listening to people play the instruments, and then we eat. That’s when the trouble begins!

Most of the times I bring delicious sandwichs with mustard, tofu, vegan cheese, tomato and some other delicious ingredients. My class mates bring this type of thing:

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No veggies, no sauce, just pure ham(or chicken) with cheese. It’s simply a dead piece of pig. Every time it disgusts me. And it’s not just the horrifying view, but the disease-causing smell that makes me want to puke. 🤮🤮🤮 But the worst part is they not only eat not heathy food, but they also complain to me  about the healthy food that they occasionally have to eat. What the !!!! !? Then the rest of the day I don’t talk to them.

I have to go now. I think I’m seriously going to puke🤢!!! See you soon👋👋👋

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