Last Friday, I had a fight with a friend of mine. It’s a long story so it’s gonna be a long post.

When last year, me and my class had a school trip, it ended badly. Me and an other”friend” that’s apparently vegetarian got excluded by the others because we don’t eat meat. What sense does that make?! I think the fight was pushed a bit because we all had to eat together. Another ”friend” told me since I got to this school, that she was vegetarian, so when I saw her eat a sausage I didn’t know what was going on? I asked her and her friend answered: ,, She isn’t vegetarian!” I was furious like hell! Do you all understand that this means she’s lied to me for three years! I went to sit somewhere else. It was a nightmare sleeping in the same room than them. Every single day was the same. One day they excluded only me because apparently being vegetarian is ok, but being vegan not (makes sense). I was all alone for a week.

Now, let’s get to last Friday. In class we have this thing called ,,Class advice”. Every Friday we sit down in a circle and talk about our problems. Last Friday we talked about bullying. And I talked about the school trip. At one point I was getting mad because the ”friend” that told me the other girl wasn’t vegetarian said : ,,Yeah, but you know you didn’t behave either because you weren’t ok with her eating my sausage”, so I decided I was going to stop arguing  before I explode.🤬➡️🤯➡️😵                                                                                                                                  The rest of the ”Verygoodadvice-time” I didn’t say anything. When I was outside, she came to me and told me : ,,You know it’s very bad that you can’t accept that you were very bad!!!”

I swear at that moment I could’ve strangled her.

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