I Tomorrow I’m going to my favorite restaurant Subway. I don’t know if you know it but I swear it is the most delicious sandwich and salad I have ever eaten in my life. You have to kind of build your own sandwich: first you start with the bread. They have Italian bread, whole wheat bread, cheese oregano bread, sesame bread and honey bread. I always take whole wheat bread. For meat eaters there’s meat and cheese. But for vegans they have this :

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After putting everything in the sandwich you can choose the sauces. There are more sauces than this but I’m only going to tell you the vegan ones : Vinegar, salt, pepper and oil, and Sweet Onion. After that there’s chips. They also have patties, but the’re not vegan. In Sweden and Finland they’re already vegan. Once we went to the Subway in Belval and they told us the vegan pattie thing was coming here in Luxembourg!!!

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